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Protecting and preserving the privacy of Alaskans since 1993


We are Professionals who protect against data breaches

For over 20 years Alaska Archives has provided information management services to a wide range of customers in Alaska. Including oil companies, hospitals, banks, law firms, and government entities. We provide a wide range of document and file storage services, including retrieval and re-file, secure vault storage for tapes and diskettes, and secure confidential paper shredding services. We serve all of the Alaska mainland-- Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River, Kenai, Soldotna, Fairbanks, North Pole and all points in between.

The key to records management is knowing what you have, where it is, how to access it, and when to destroy it. Can your business afford the time, staff or floor space to establish and maintain meaningful records storage and management? Alaska Archives is the premier document management company serving the state of Alaska. We ensure that your records are organized, accessible and safe. We are Professionals who protect against data breaches.

We also specialize in shredding pretty much anything that has been used to store data – hard drives, cell phones, film. We offer our clients a complete information management program from pick-up and delivery to destruction.



*April 8th 2015 - Alaska Archives saved 1,704 trees in March.

*March 16th 2015 - Alaska Archives saved 2,448 trees in February.

*February 10th 2015 - Alaska Archives saved 2,205 trees in January.

*January 7th 2015 - Alaska Archives saved 1,984 trees in December.

*December 10th 2014 - Alaska Archives saved 1,617 trees in November.

*November 7th 2014 - Alaska Archives saved 1,670 trees in October.

*October 9th 2014 - Alaska Archives is now a proud member of the Mobile Shredding Association.

*October 3rd 2014 - Alaska Archives saved 1,706 trees in September.

*September 8th 2014 - Alaska Archives saved 1,171 trees in August.

*August 5th 2014 - Alaska Archives saved 1,891 trees in July.

*July 8th 2014 - Alaska Archives saved 2,714 trees in June.

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